Hi, this is anudeep here, from the reality hack network. I have started this brand for self-development and to understand deeply about the universe and nature of reality. When you attune yourself with the universe your life begins to move in a state of flow. So from past 6 years after lot of learning, meditative contemplation and practice. This brand has finally manifested which was an idea since 2015.

About Anudeep Shetty

Passionate about Learning and self-improvement, currently working on Data Science and Digital marketing industry; I write on health, fitness, spirituality ,career advice, business, finance & investing also to network with other amazing individual’s.

I am all about life and its secrets, things which is non-perceivable to human senses always fascinated me. The question of why we exist, what is our purpose, what is this universe? I bet you have this questions too.

Highly developed Spiritual intuition through constant practice and philosophical contemplation. If you want to know about the source of all question to life why we are who we really are, do follow me here 🙂 cheers!! i also talk about variety of topics

Thank-you for taking your time to read.

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