Secret to rapid business growth
Unlock explosive growth potential with the true model of modern leadership Thoughtfully Ruthless lays out the secret to rapid business growth by showing you how to magically invent more time, catapult your energy, and boost the productivity of your resources.

Thoughtful leaders:

They consider consequences of their actions intended and unintended. Deliberately focus time and attention on the needs of others. Reflect past results so they can repeat success and learn from failure.

Ruthless Leaders:

They make bold, sweeping decisions. Pay no regard to how people may react to them; they provide unfiltered and often unsolicited feedback at every opportunity. Regularly checks on Return on investment of their time, energy and resources.

The cost of doing nothing:

Cost of delay is a downward spiral loop – getting stuck in bad habits and losing momentum is so damaging, you will have to start all over with when you already had a flow state of mind.

You can’t fail if you don’t try, failure is stepping stone of success.
Measure and share success,
Performance during exhaustion matters,
Galvanize your team around a common goal,
Build a community where people want to belong.

Thoughtfully ruthless success loop:

Build awareness -> Define today’s and tomorrows positions -> align priorities and accountability -> identify accelerators and decelerators -> Dramatic dialogue (visualizations) -> reinforcing change.

Become brilliant at demonstrating your brilliance:

Find it easy to talk about results, share stories that demonstrate quantifiable impact, concisely communicate. Have a strong positive inner voice, Be great story teller , use metaphors analogies. Happy to laugh at themselves let loose at times, share and learn from their mistake.  

Thoughtfully ruthless with your time and the power of “No”:

The power to postpone unimportant tasks, take immediate action on what is important. Be productively unproductive, have a Discipline list.

Align yourself with positive people and forget people who are bringing you down and being a liability