This is an all-time classic for any self-development book I feel like this book became foundation from all self-improvement and abundance book arose. Here a little about our famous author Oliver Napoleon Hill was an American self-help author.

He is known best for his book Think and Grow Rich which is among the 10 bestselling self-help books of all time. Hill’s works insisted that fervid expectations are essential to improving one’s life. So let’s get started

1. Desire:

Having an obsession with your goals and dreams with persistence will not fail. Definite money in amount you want to acquire, What in return for the money you offer?, Time period for the amount of money, definite plan, clear statement of your plans, how will make it happen. Read twice daily once before bed time and after you wake up.

When you try and fail again and again ultimately you will find a way to make it work, if you truly love what you do. Believe you can and you will achieve it with action.

2. Faith:

Auto suggestion helps in developing faith, good patterns follow them for 21 days for it to become routine, Develop thought mixed to feelings, have confidence in your art of work, even if you don’t know the outcome. Confidence will take you the right path.

Never have negative thought in the head, try to always get in positivity in your head.

3. Auto Suggestions:

Implement good patterns by the method of auto suggestions by thinking and repeatedly saying what you want to accomplish for the day and your life. This will make you be persistent and helps you reach your goals, even though you may fail many times.

4. Observation:

Theory and practical knowledge. Theory is one which gained from studying and reading. Practical is gained from doing things which is a more powerful way of learning, both needs to be combined to have great outcome. Knowledge is potential power only useful if used to produce outcome.

Surround yourself with influential people or people who are having likeminded thinking of growing to prosper.

5. Imagination:

Synthetic and creative imaginations blend both to produce powerful outcomes. Learn synthetic knowledge and use your creative imagination to make new and unique things.

6. Organizing:

Master mind alignments, make contact of powerful people, people better than you. Temporary defeat is not real. Quitter never wins, winner never quits. Sale of ideas, sell your ideas create brand, service try to help large number of crowd. Doing more than paid for.

 7. Know thy self:

Self Analysis on where you are where you want to be. Regularly see that you’re on the path to your goal, check the rate of growth. Always be on path, even when it’s hard, be persistent. Have fast quick growth rates.

Failing to success – Make decisions and be consistent with it and change your decisions slowly. Ask opinions to people about your idea. Fail forward fail fast, learn from it to improvise.

8. Persistence:

Will power mixed with desire creates strong bond of persistence.

How to build strong desire- Definite purpose, strong desire, and self-resilience use auto suggestions, definite plans forget negativity, accurate knowledge – know the rules of the game before you play it, understanding and will power, habit of persistence.

9. Power of mastermind:

Efforts using power, organised knowledge, accumulated experience, experiment and invention, make influential contact people with same ambition.

10. Sex transmutation:

This is one of the driving force of human psyche to procreate but this same power can be used and is naturally used by humans to always acquire other things mention here. Mind responds to stimuli – Desire for sex expression, love, wealth, music, friendship, mutual suffering and auto suggestions. Controlling sex energy can help to drive our desire to want we truly want.

11. Subconscious mind:

Use positive emotions and avoid negativity, tap into subconscious mind for ideas. I have always written another article completely on the power of subconscious mind you can check it out.

12. Brain control:

Meditate to connect with higher self, power of thought, self-discipline. I have also written a great article on power of self-discipline which includes what I have spoken above in detailed manner please do check out.

13. Sixth sense:

Give time to think alone, follow role models their key measure to wealth and success, dominate thoughts that make you who you are use auto suggestion to do so. Use fear to positive advantage, time and take decision with actions, Solve when there is crisis which benefits many. Seize the opportunity at right place and right time.