How to get more visits to your website
In this article i have clearly discussed how you could get started from step one to last, firstly find good content then , write good content make it an interesting read , finally sharing and marketing the content for good SEO ranking. Lets get started.

How to find content ideas ?

Quora  (Q & A sites similar).
Google news.
Wikipedia (references section).  – to check competitors contents.
Googles top 10 results.
Keyword Planner.
Google trends.
Other pages – and blogging sites.
Social medias.

Guide to write killer headlines: Make use of swipe files (collection of headlines that already proven to work ), freelance (swipe files for the lazy copywriter).

Remember these 3 things:

Include relevant keywords ,Think like your audience ,Write several headlines then pick one from them.

a.Find viral content in your niche – Eg: use buzzsumo and pick content

b. Turn it into something much better

Case study : Turn original article into something better from previous update always look out for competitors articles to make something better out of it, if any information is missing.

Missing elements:

Having no intro and conclusion.
No licensing info of those websites.
No photographs.
More resources.


Reach more audience by re-purposing the content.
Distribute your content in different formats.
Increase your profits by maximizing your reach.
Write less and get more traffic.


1. Make into Audio podcasts (podcasting sites)
-Wordpress plugin: Seriously simple podcasting plugin.
-Submit it to , itunes and podcast directories

2. Video marketing  ,  video sharing sites – eg: oneload

3.  Document sharing sites

4. Slideshare , .ppt

5. Infographics for blog – fiverr  submit infographics to blogs and directory

6. Tutorial sites traffic , wikihow

7. Guest Blogging, search in google for guest blogging pages, include personal details diverting traffic to your website.

8. Social Bookmarking sites:

first page of social bookmarking sites huge traffic is generated,

  • Pinterest , tumblr, reddit, stumbleupon;
  • Understand sites audience , build one; information + fun = success
  • 80/20 rule, high quality content, like and share content as well, engage

9. Q&A sites:

yahoo answers , quora, add value, engage audience, follow people,

  • Yahoo answers, quora , stack overflow , amazon’s askville,

10. Forum Marketing:

message boards, niche upon forum built upon, warrior forum (marketing forum), high ROI, search engine love fresh content : get found, build credibility , back links accepted in some forum, targeted traffic;

  • Finding forum related to niche , google search: *niche* forums
  • Use footprints *niche* vbulletin,,
  • Find forum with active members high numbers, allow signatures, find ways to create interesting signature call to action, follow guidelines, shorten version of your name, brand or website, your own photo than brand, join discussions.

11. Reddit

front page feature, bookmarking site, doesn’t look at authority, trick is to know what to share in community, ranking by upvote and downvote, reddit likes humour, broad sub-reddits, 5-10 sub-reddits related to your niche, write attractive titles, respond to comments, infographics , videos and drawings go viral on reddit; points karma , make friends , one post per day is good enough, follow successful redditors to know the do’s and don’t’s;

  • Tools : redditlist, subredditfinder, redditlater;

12. Youtube:

keywords, titles , description, every video is unique , write keyword rich description , social media presence, tags, call to action, shorter for high retention, playlists, frequent.

13.   Banner Exchanges – free ads:

  • Create a page with two columns. Left article right banner ads
  • Copy article, copy google no index code, buy bulk traffic to fake site in exchange for banner ads.

14. Youtube dirty secret, buy empty description video;

15. Forum signature method, reach to person with  10000 views on post , End link near his signature buy it;

16. Yahoo dirty secret

  • Create 5 different yahoo accounts
  • Ask question related to your niche
  • Answer to question to your niche , link pointing to your website
  • Other accounts give random generic answers, and up-vote to main answer
  • Give best answer vote

17.  Content exchange networks, promote articles,;

18. Mighty swap technique, false audience, manual traffic exchange and Social media traffic exchange, traffic exchange websites, addmefast, like4like, fiverr gigs;

19. Contest and referrals are viral marketing strategies, multiple results, Huge email list, audience to share content, contestbee and sweepstakes lovers;


In the end its up to restructure your strategy know what works for you and just put in the action without too much planning. Give a shot to all social media platform see what works. Learn how to build one platform successfully first.

See the your content and website is spread over the internet and traffic is coming from all sources this helps to rank the website better in SEO ranking.