How to use social media to promote your business
Social media marketing has become extremely powerful more than any other form of getting traffic or sales, people are spending more and more time on it making it a good viable target option to push your product or service that to your specific niche group and locations.

Content marketing can help companies with several aspects of the customer acquisition funnel. I’ve grouped them into three buckets:

a. attract – “People” see you, find you and/or become aware that you exist. They become your “audience.”

b. engage – Your “audience” gets to know you and start to like you. You build a relationship with your audience. They become “potential customers.”

c. acquire – “Potential customers” pay for your product or service. They become “customers.”

Ten Types of Content to Produce to Get Results:

Content can come in many shapes and sizes. Most people think of blogs when they think of content marketing. Blogging is a good one; however there are many, many formats in which you can produce content for marketing. Below are several formats/platforms to produce content on. Each of these platforms has slightly different user base demographics, enabling you to reach wider audiences.

●  Video courses on Udemy

●  Answers on Quora

●  Blog posts

●  Curated content as an email newsletter

●  Podcasts

●  Presentations on SlideShare

●  Videos on YouTube

●   Self-published books on Amazon

●   Micro-content on social networks – tweets, status updated, Instagram photos, etc.

● Public speaking, webinars, workshops, etc.

Alternate ways to get traffic to your website other than SEM:

1. Optimizing your website for search engines (SEO): Always fill out details and description of your blog with keywords and Optimize well, don’t leave any gaps.
Even name the media files of your site with proper keywords.
Use SEO option in website builder.
BackLinks on fiverr, and other sites for cheap.

2. Using Facebook groups:  find groups related to your niche and share your content. (Don’t Spam)

3. Using Instagram to generate traffic: Create dummy Instagram account with same content also directing it to your website on the bio and use target following, following people who are interested in similar content. You could also use Instagram automation tools to ease down tasks and save up time. Buying shout-outs is also a really good way to market if your content is related to the page your buying shout-outs from

4. Reddit to generate traffic.

5. Using Blogger and youtube to get traffic: collab and send product for others to review your product on twitter and youtube.


You can build your own strategy for social media marketing but try to expand yourself over all major and people dense social media platform, its a numbers game. How many you can target and how many of those can be become conversion into subscriber or sales.