Awaken the giant within |quick summary |tony robins
Anthony Jay Robbins is an American author, life coach, and philanthropist. Robbins is known for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books including the books Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. In 2015 and 2016 Robbins was listed on the Worth Magazine Power 100 list.

1. Belief:

Have strong belief system, i think dreaming and believing in something your passionate about is the first step to building strong belief.

  • Give pain to your bad beliefs and bring out pleasure to your good beliefs.
  • Use doubt to bad belief and build new belief.

2. Focus on what you really want:

Our time and energy is limited we cannot pour our focus all over different interests, sometimes we have to stick to one thing and achieve it fully and get results out of it, then move on to new goal.

3. Break your bad patterns into good ones:

Most of us don’t get results because we are constantly looping over habits and behaviors which bring no good change for us. So to break bad patterns you could focus all your energy on building new patterns and keep yourself busy in it.

4. Bring pleasure to new pattern and good mentors to support and inspire you:

When you are happy and love what you do, it automatically brings pleasure and sense of freedom in you, also when you grow and face new challenges look up to people in your industry who are ahead of you, learn from them or you could also get a mentor of your own who you can share and grow with.

5. Condition new good pattern with persistence otherwise you will go back to old habits:

Its so important once you break all your bad habits to work on new ones with patience , resilience and trust for it to completely stick with you in long run. If your just starting out follow your good habit patterns for 30 days. Psychology states it takes that amount of days to a make a habit permanent in your being.

6. Test your new pattern with different areas of life do analysis:

See how all the patterns are affecting in different areas of your like health wise , business wise, money wise , relationship wise. Below are some quick notes

  • Make old patterns painful
  • New patterns make it pleasurable
  • New patterns state who you are
  • Will this help in reaching my ultimate goal?

Areas of life to improve:

  1. Personnel development goals
  2. Business and career goals
  3. Adventure goals
  4. Contribution goals


Make yourself feel you have achieved these goals and get emotionally positive. Use law of attraction – they say if you can dream of it, then you are capable to do it only you have to dedicate your life and overcome challenges as you go along the way without a single doubt, go all in.