Road to success|Quick summary|Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill created the first GPS system decades ago in the form of billboards that positioned his students on the Road to Success. What was true then is true now and you will benefit immediately by applying his success coordinates in your life.

15 billboards to success:

1. Desire:

Anything we do in life its all because of desire and passion we have for our interest’s or work, lack of desire makes it very hard to even think of becoming successful. Desire can be developed by putting yourself in uncomfortable situations where you have to fight or die situations in life. It can also be altered through mindset changes.

2. Self-Confidence:

Lack of confidence in yourself and your work can be a total step to overcome for most us, there are more pessimists in this world than of people who are optimistic, we always do complain lot more than instead of take responsibility even though we know life isn’t fair. Confidence can be developed by becoming more vocal about who you are, expressing yourself, learning more about you who are and boosting your self-esteem.

3. Initiative:

Even before i thought about writing this sentence, a thought came in my mind saying “oh how will i start this sentence”, most people have all these great ideas they like to talk about it everyday but wouldn’t even dare to try start working on it for once in actual. Starting something is not easy i agree there is lot of learning and constant action. But it is the only way you can move forward and explore. Your dreams would stay a mere dream if you don’t initiate.

4. Imagination:

I can’t stress on how important this word “imagination” is there is lot which is inter-related to imagination. Everything you see around would is just born out of imagination all our tools and inventions, imaginative mind is a mind of creativity also having a bend to open-mindedness to be non-judgmental by removing too much structure we have created for ourselves and then having a childlike curiosity and simplicity in life. To have great imagination ability you could take up a hobby or interest that you like and just enjoy and loose yourself while doing it.

5. Enthusiasm:

If i didn’t have enthusiasm to write this article, i guess i wouldn’t have written in first place, enthusiasm is like child of desire from what we love to do the most there is lot of enthusiasm which can be seen. I think enthusiasm can also be developed by doing the things you love and also adjusting your mind-set. Our mind constantly procrastinate a lot, staying healthy is also a key to live a enthusiastic life.

6. Action:

Every single one of them successful personality you see more than any other success principles, they took a lot of action. It’s being able to take massive action and move forward fast as you can, because when you take action you face challenges when you face challenges you work on these challenges then grow yourselves to the next level. This is how you stay ahead and action leads to success.

7. Self-Control:

I think more than anyone of you reading this, I need this most for myself with increasing number of distractions with our current busy life’s. It’s so hard to be self-controlled with all the comfort and easy pleasures of life. We should be highly disciplined to achieve anything of greatness and to standing among’st the minority mindset. Majority of people have no or little self-control. We are easily swayed away by moving distraction in our life.

8. High-quality:

We should be willing to give our best every time we do something in life, otherwise practice so that you can give the best of you every time you do something new. Great quality brings great reward, have high quality for your thoughts and feelings, don’t live a mediocre life if you want success.

9. Attractive personality:

Napoleon hill’s right here is not talking about good looks but a person who you are and behave in the world. Attractive personality is so important. We are dealing with people and to be around people is to make them feel bonded with you, like they can trust on you. Steve jobs, Conor Mcgregor are some of people who have had more name to themselves than the work they did. Steve jobs was bigger than apple at one time and conor mcgregor became the face of MMA (mixed martial arts).

10. Accurate thoughts:

You might be wondering what it means by accurate thoughts, thoughts are constant in our life their isn’t a second of your waking life where your free from your thoughts but here accurate thought stands for having clarity, we have all kinds of thoughts moving about in our mind but we only need thoughts which help us grow us to the next level and filter bad thoughts from our mind, focus more energy on creating than consuming.

11. Concentration:

If you can sit in one place and go on and on with the thing that your passionate about for lets say 12 hours straight while do taking short breaks. Know that you have a great ability to concentrate, all the greats had this obsession for what they did which lead to high amount of archery style or combat style concentration which puts you among the very best. To develop such levels of concentration you could practice meditation or tai chi.

12. Persistence:

Know that if you walk in the path of uncertainty this is where the gold lies, Know that you will fail but what is more important is to learn from these failure and move forward. You only have to be right once to succeed and there is no failure if your persistent. Persistence is developed by constantly pushing your limits and putting yourself in uncomfortable situations of life.

13. Learn from Failure:

Like i talked above learning from failure is closely related to persistence, you cannot persist if your not learning from your failure. Constantly failing without learning from it, ultimately fuels disappoint and giving up on your dream life or achievement.

14. Tolerance:

I see that persistence , learning from failure , tolerance are all part of the same game, you can also call them holy trinity here of success. Things are going to be really hard sometimes makes you wanna think of giving up. But with all your sheer might and will you have to tolerate and move forward. Keep moving forward its only and the easy way out.

15. Applying the golden rule:

Here we talk about balance in life, without balance you know that a part of your life is going to affected if your always focusing on work or business while spending less or no time on your health. Golden rule in life is essential for long term success in any given objective.

16. Learning and applying constantly:

I can say this right here is another form of same word i described back then closely related to action. Learning and applying what you learned is the key to discovering new things and achieving great success. Learning is a important process, we are life long learners nobody know’s everything in life. If ones says he does know everything then he’s a fool and he sure doesn’t know anything.


As long back as i remember this is one of the first book of self-development i bought or got as a gift from someone and i must say it was really the fundamentals most it said here you can see is being repeated everywhere. It is more important to build abundance mindset and apply that mind-set because holding on to it in your head wont bring any change. We live in physical world where everything is determined by cause and effect. If you want to change the world change yourself and work on building something better than what was already built which makes peoples life easier and yours too.