Putting the power of your subconscious mind to work
When Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote his bestselling book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, he set forth the basic techniques for enriching one?s life by programming the subconscious mind. This all-new book, based on forty years of previously unpublished research, shows how the subconscious mind can be used by people in their workplace when dealing with both routine and unexpected problems faced on the job.

I think this book is one of the greatest I’ve read because it seriously has so many fundamental important wisdom and knowledge which can be practically be used in life. No bullshit guide and of true value. Joseph Murphy was an Irish born, naturalized American author and New Thought minister, ordained in Divine Science and Religious Science.

So below are important things I have come across in the book, there is a lot that i haven’t covered but you can buy the book if you are interested, it’s truly worth an investment.

Whatever your conscious mind assumes and believes to be true, your subconscious mind will accept and bring to pass. Believe in good fortune, divine guidance, right action and all the blessings of life. You are the captain of your soul and master of your fate. Remember you have the capacity to choose. Choose life ! love! health! happiness!

Your secret weapon of your subconscious mind – You must visualise it as vividly as possible and try with all you might to realise it. It is more likely to come true than if you do not.

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge with knowledge you can go from A to B but with imagination you can go anywhere – albert Einstein

If you think of yourself as a failure and picture yourself as a failure, you will fail. Think of success, realize you are born to succeed and to win. Picture yourself successful, happy, and free and you will be.

Whatever you think and feel is true in your conscious mind is embodied in your subconscious and comes to pass into your experience. The law of mind, undeviating, immutable, timeless and changeless. Have faith and you will overcome all obstacles”.

Self-Esteem – The base ingredient of self-confidence

  • Create a positive script for your life
  • Give yourself positive pep talk
  • Meet and beat obstacles
  • Stop punishing yourself, accept who you are and then change.
  • Capitalize on your strengths, know what you’re capable and good at, then improve on it.  

The law of life is law of belief, a belief is a thought in your mind – Do not believe in things to harm or hurt you. Believe in the power of your subconscious as it heals, inspires, and strengthens, to insure you prosper, according to your belief is it done unto you.

The principal qualities that make the stature of the perfect human being are patience kindness, generosity, humility, courtesy, unselfishness, good temper and sincerity. Replace the bad with good.


  1. Establishing and achieving your goals.
  2. Becoming a more positive thinker.
  3. Mastering the law of attraction and laws of universe.
  4. Becoming more enthusiastic in life.
  5. Developing Resilience and adaptability.
  6. Overcoming worry and stress.
  7. Conquering fear.
  8. Enhancing your creative powers.
  9. Breaking bad habits.
  10. Becoming a leader.
  11. Creating a Dynamic team.
  12. Express sincere Appreciation.
  13. Communicating more effectively.
  14. Dealing with difficult people.
  15. Managing your time.
  16. Selling your ideas.
  17. Advancing your career.