High returns from low risk, below are the quick summary points from the book HIGH RETURNS FROM LOW RISK -A REMARKABLE STOCK MARKET PARADOX.

I haven’t gone through complete explanation of terms spoken here, also are quite understandable but if you want more explanation you could google it through, it is much better with lot more examples.

Compounding interest.
Low volatility stocks beat high volatility stocks by several factors; slow and steady wins the race, less risk.
High risk portfolio generates lower return 20% to 10% risk can be taken.
Relative and absolute risk perspective.
Comparing is dangerous.
Momentum investing, price rise, other improvements.
Low volatility -> income -> momentum (Conservative high good Stock formula).
Beta , dividend yield, price change (52 weeks).
Stock screener (google).
Slice & dice (diversify).
ETF screener, ETF stocks , low volatility.
Avoid too much trading, transaction cost will ruin things (30% stock trading turnover).
Conservative stocks (old is gold, follow old philosophy of stock trading).
CAPM theory tool.


If your starting out in investing i always recommend taking small risk and by doing that you could also invest in stocks which are stable are of low face value with low risk but over term yields high returns because of market capitalization and business potential over time.