Investing is something of risky business where your not sure if you will ever get in your money back with good returns, short term investing is something that you should avoid if your new to investing.

Focus on long term investing because businesses don’t work in short term. Short term investing is also very technical and not everybody makes money in it only a handful with several variables affecting the market price. Wealth is way of financial freedom and security.

Make the wealth trinity your friend:

  • Wealth trinity: manage risk, return and time.
  • Risk is measured as the degree of uncertainty in an expected financial outcome.
  • Measure of risk, standard deviation, beta and alpha.
  • Short term, medium, long term investments.
  • Time in the market is more important than timing the market.
  • No substitute for time and patience in the world of investing.

Have an asset allocation strategy:

  • A mix should allow for diversification thus reducing risk.
  • Decide your time horizon while allocating assets.
  • Share of equity in your asset allocation be 100 minus your age, but understand your risk.
  • Re-balance and review your allocation.

Understand asset classes :


Finally i want to say is that have your own investing strategy, do a lot of research before you invest your hard earned money in anything and know that there is always lot of risk involved in investing. Invest in amount you are not afraid to lose and never be attached with price fluctuations or current market price always deal in long term when the asset gains significant profit margins.