How to make yourself grow taller
I wish i knew all these health advice to grow taller earlier in life when i was young but when i tried all of the below methods at the age of 19, i did manage to increase about 3 inch's and currently i am about 5'9 feet which is 175 centimeters

Note: For guys your height growth stops at age 19 that’s what i feel but the research says girls usually stop growing and reach adult height by 14 or 15 years old, most boys will stop growing taller by age 16 and will usually have developed fully by 18.

Here are few things you can take care of to increase your height:

Adequate sleep: When you put your body to sleep, your body goes under a process of rejuvenation, healing and growth. Sleep of 8-11 hours if your still in your teenage years will help your growing taller.

Eat healthy: See that your nourishing your body well with all the right food because main cause of undeveloped growth in developing and under-developed countries are lack of proper nutrition and poor eating habits. See that you get Vitamin D, Calcium, Zinc, Carbs, Proteins, and Minerals which promote height and healthy body.

Also have good eating schedule in between 2 hours daily if your trying to gain healthy weight and height.

Engage in sports or regular exercise: At a growing age especially for children its essential to see that they are competent physically, mentally and spiritually for that sports or exercise will do it all and more. Especially for children who play sports regularly see a sudden spike in height over time. Swimming, hanging exercise, toe touching, super stretch, stretching exercise, skipping rope are activities specifically affects height growth of individual.

Practicing good posture: Keeping your chin-up and back straight is also a key for good structural development and posture, it always prevents crouching which disrupts height growth if a child is always crouching while sitting or studying , so proper posture is essential to increase height.

Keep your immune system strong: This is not only for height growth but its one of the most important factor for prolonged life and good health. So always eat food with rich in antioxidants, fish, nuts, helps to boosts immune function which in turn helps in increasing height substantially.

Drink plenty of water: By keeping your body hydrated it helps to absorb right nutrients in the body also 80% of body consist of water. Try drinking more than 8 glasses of water of a day

  • Minerals and proteins play a big role in our body. They unleash their true power by better cell absorption. If our cells are not healthy, this absorption will not take place. Water truly helps in this absorption process and contributes to height.
  • The best way to combat the genetic problems associated with less height can be rectified by drinking ample water. It flushes out the toxins from your body and makes the cells healthy.

Elevator shoes: Finally if you have surpassed your growing age and cannot find any other ways working, you could use elevator shoes to increase up to 3-6 inch’s of your height. You can buy it online it is available in all shoes shapes and sizes.


For most of us like me, it only hits later in life when its too late that you could have been a little taller, when you look at people around you who are taller than the average man it does kind hit our insecurities a bit but i want to say that it doesn’t matter your tall or short. A person with great personality still shines among all crowd, so don’t worry. Work on yourself in all ways possible having better personality is important.